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>Well I was going to post a “Think about it Thursday” blog yesterday but, I never had time to come up with something to think about!  It was a very busy day at work and all I can say now is TGIF!  So that will be the topic of today’s post… THANK GOD IT’s FRIDAY!  I am definitly looking forward to the weekend even though it means I have to get my house clean.  As a working mom, I generally don’t have time during the week to keep my house as spotless as I’d like (or at all even to be honest).  So Saturday mornings are my cleaning time.  Maybe this weekend I’ll make time to refinish that old dresser sitting in the garage begging to be sanded and repainted.  Or maybe I’ll finally delve into all the crafting projects I have in mind to do.  Or maybe I’ll organize my closets and get rid of all the “skinny” clothes that I’ve been holding on to because I am certain I will lose weight one day and fit into them again.  Or maybe I’ll just take the boys swimming and lay out by the pool all day. 

Oh the possibilites… Definitly something to think about! 

Happy Friday!


Weekend Project….

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Weekend Project….
Last weekend me and my sister (@Willow Blue) decided make over a little piece of furniture a friend of mine gave to me.  We sanded for literally 7 1/2 hours! 
We forgot to take a before picture but here is one of the drawers before we started on it.
This drawer had been painted over with a couple different paint colors so we have a lot of work cut out for us.
This is about half way into the sanding… a long way to go still!
All sanded… now we are ready to paint!

The final product was amazing!  So much better than we thought we would be able to accomplish.

This project was a tone of work but it was well worth it in the end.  My sister was able to use this piece in her new apartment and it really brightened up the place. 
We had so much fun on this project.  Seriously, the sanding was like therapy!  We will definitely be doing this again.

Family Game Night…

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Family Game Night…
Last night we took our youngest son out to Toys R Us to spend all the birthday money acquired from his great family and friends at his birthday party. 
One of the things he just HAD TO HAVE was this Cat in the Hat game….


At first I wanted to tell him No to buying it because I thought it would just be another boring game that got lost in the closet.  However, since it was a clearance item and he REALLY REALLY wanted it. I decided to give in.
I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is!
One player hides a household object of their choice inside the hat and the other players use questions, clues, and the hat’s fun interactive exploratory features to discover what it is.
Is it something we eat? What room does it belong in? Not sure? Try feeling the hat with your elbows, poking your finger through a hole, or looking at the object through the magic crystalline window.
Our family had a lot of fun playing this game last night.  My 4 year old and I even played it again this morning as I got ready for work.  

Bloggin Again!

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>My first blog post!

Well I am venturing back into the world of blogging!  I hope you find my posts as interesting, funny, relevant, tasteful, and inspiring as I have found in so many posts from fellow bloggers.  My sister Sheena at Willow Blue has inspired me to share with her in the world of blogging.  This is my first post!  And there’s more to come!
Happy Tuesday Friends!

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