>Well I was going to post a “Think about it Thursday” blog yesterday but, I never had time to come up with something to think about!  It was a very busy day at work and all I can say now is TGIF!  So that will be the topic of today’s post… THANK GOD IT’s FRIDAY!  I am definitly looking forward to the weekend even though it means I have to get my house clean.  As a working mom, I generally don’t have time during the week to keep my house as spotless as I’d like (or at all even to be honest).  So Saturday mornings are my cleaning time.  Maybe this weekend I’ll make time to refinish that old dresser sitting in the garage begging to be sanded and repainted.  Or maybe I’ll finally delve into all the crafting projects I have in mind to do.  Or maybe I’ll organize my closets and get rid of all the “skinny” clothes that I’ve been holding on to because I am certain I will lose weight one day and fit into them again.  Or maybe I’ll just take the boys swimming and lay out by the pool all day. 

Oh the possibilites… Definitly something to think about! 

Happy Friday!


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