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I finally finished a “craft” that I’m borderline proud of.  It didn’t turn out PERFECT but it turn out good enough to display.  It was my sister’s idea… something she found on Pinterest and wanted to try so we did!
Here are the supplies…

12 x 12 canvas and scrapbook paper… Mod Podge and brushes
And since I don’t have a way to cut letters out I had to do the first ones by hand.
This was very time consuming and annoying… I found a better way…
My great friend Adele has a cricket!  So she brought it over and cut out all the cute designs for my pictures.
After I laid out all my canvas and paper I was ready to bust out the Mod Podge.
I even had a volunteer little helper to paint on the glue for me.
After finishing the first one I wasn’t too impressed with my work.  My sister and I sadly decided perhaps we should just give up on crafts… BUT…
We discovered the next morning after all the glue had dried that our project wasn’t a total disaster after all!  I was actually rather pleased with what we ended up with. 
I don’t have a very good camera so I just had to use the one on my blackberry to get a shot of the final display. 
Hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve been working on!

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