Something Old becomes Something New!

So excited to show off my latest undertaking… reupholstering.  My sister and I decided to go yard selling last weekend.  We considered ourselves very lucky to find a couple of old chairs for $2 and $5.  They were hideous and in serious need of updating so we stopped by Walmart… got some cheap fabric and spray paint and got to work.
Here’s a before shot of the one I got for $5 from a little old man sitting in front of his garage with a “Yard Sale” sign.

First we had to take off the hideous fabric.
Here it is all stripped down.
 Next step was to paint over the brown wood with a new color to match the cute fabric we picked out!
Added some new padding…
The last thing left to do was add the new fabric.
Here’s a close up shot of the fabric.
Final product!  I love it.  I am actually surprised at how great this chair turned out! 
This was so much fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Check out my sister’s blog here to see the one we reupholstered for her! 
Can’t wait to find our next project!

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