Weekend Project

Ok here’s a little project  I worked on this weekend. I found 4 of these nightstands at a yard sale and got all of them for $17! 


I immediately thought one of them would be a nice companion for the chair I reupholstered a couple weeks ago.  (See that here)  So I decided to give it a little paint, a little fabric and a little TLC this weekend. 

I used a glossy white spray paint and didn’t prime it or use a heavy coat because I wanted to keep the wood grain look.





Of course as always I had great help!



Here’s the finished product! 


And close up shots of the lamp shade I recovered.  I had no idea what I was doing but once I found a needle and thread I figured the rest out. 

 I found the material and cute ruffle at JoAnn’s fabric.

And here’s the final shot with the chair.  A nice little set if you ask me! 


This project was very cheap and very easy.  I have several more items lined up to do something fun with so stay tuned!


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