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Lifetime Original Movie

Friday, November 18th, 2011 | Permalink

I remember when I was a little girl in about the 3rd grade I had moved to a new school just the year before and still didn’t really have that many friends.  I can’t say that I know why but generally I wandered the playground joining in with different games here and there but mostly I like to swing by myself.  One day I was minding my own business, swinging on the swing set and the little girl on the swing beside me said “You think you’re so Hot!”… with an evil tone and her tough stick right out at ME!  Huh?  What had I done that made this girl think I thought anything of myself at all?  I had no clue.  I was completely baffled at this exclaimation.  Out of no where I decided to reply “Well if you’re hot your hot!  And if you not you’re NOT!” and kept on swinging. 

I can’t imagine why anyone would ever make a Lifetime Original movie about me but if they do I believe this should be the opening scene.  I hope you watch it, I hope you enjoy it and I hope it isn’t about a crazy woman that murdered her husband. 


Blog Post

Saturday, November 12th, 2011 | Permalink

Well I have absolutely nothing to blog about but I am comforted by the fact that I know absolutely no one reads this anyway.  I know what you’re thinking… but I’m reading it!  Of course you are.  Why wouldn’t you?  It’s so interesting.  This blog is full of bloggy goodness.  There is a tutorial at the end just wait.  Something cute and crafty and inspiring.  Really just wait. 

Men suck.  Just saying. 

My word count is 72 now.  I wonder if I can continue typing until I hit 100 words.  A 100 word blog post.  Wow I’m amazing.  This just goes to show that there is nothing I can’t accomplish.  I, in fact, have just hit the 108 word mark.  I freaking rock. 

Men suck.  Just saying.

Maybe I’ll just keep typing until I hit 200 words!  Then you’ll really be inspired.  Speechless.  In total awe of my wit and amusing quibs.  Or maybe I’ll just stop right here at 155 words.  Why not?  Be a quitter.  There’s nothing wrong with being a quitter… some times… when you aren’t good at what your doing any way.  As a matter of fact I think quitting should be more encouraged.  Why not?  If something sucks why not just quit it?  Why continue doing something you hate.  Seriously, I just hit 210 words.  There is no end to my brillance.  Now… I Quit. 



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