Weekend Project – Plate Rack

I got this cute plate rack from a friend… it was begging for a new coat of paint.

I bought some Red paint and some cute fabric at WalMart and got to work.

 I actually don’t have pictures for the grueling process of taking the back off and nailing all the pieces back together.  I almost gave up when it fell into 6 different pieces. 

I wrapped the material around the back piece.  And though you can’t tell here this board is ACCIDENTLY nailed to my hardwood floor!  I was devasted when I realized the nails when all the way through to the floor!!!  YIKES

Luckily Hubs was able to pull it up and the nail holes are barely noticeable.  THANK GOODNESS!!!! 

Here is the final product!  It’s a plate rack/shelf. 


Close up…

And close up of the material… I love it…

Happy Sunday!


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