Settee makeover

I bought this settee is few weeks ago from a local online yard sale.  When I brought it home my husband was pretty pissed about the newest addition of “trash” added to the garage.  However, I knew this settee would have a beautiful second life once I had some time to give it some attention.


Once I got started on it hubby must have realized my vision so he helped me strip the old padding off of it.  Either that or he felt sorry for me trying to do it myself.  Either way works. ;)

 After getting all the nasty (yes it was very dusty and nasty) padding off, I was ready to sand and paint.

I happened to have a can of black spray paint so I painted it black and put some clear gloss over it. 

I got very lucky and happened up on a Christmas store in town that also sold cushions that also happened to have 1 last really awesome Houndstooth cushion that appeared to be just the right size.  I was even happier to get to the check out and the store owner gave me 20% off!  After a quick trip to Walmart for some $9.88 red throw pillows, I was ready to finish!

I must say it turned out really great and hubby (yet again) had to eat crow and agree that it was a good find.  I put it in my foyer by my Christmas Snowman tree for now. 

Now I just need to figure out how to decorate the wall above it when there is a thermometer in the way!

Update:  This is how I ended up decorating over the thermometer.  The bow on the Snowman head covers it just enough without getting in the way.



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