Recipe Week – Day 4 – Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

What kind of recipe blogger would I be if I didn’t include CHOCOLATE goodness?!

Here’s a recipe for homemade chocolate ice cream that tastes just like a Wendy’s frosty!

Chocolate milk (approx. 3/4 gal) regular or low fat
Eagle Bran condensed milk (or other brand) (can also buy low fat)

Cool Whip (regular size) (can also use low fat if preferred)

Mix sweetened condensed milk with cool whip till smooth.
Add chocolate milk, and continue to beat for a couple minutes.
Pour into freezer. (mixture should not go above freeze line on freezer,
about 3/4 full)

Enjoy!! your guests will think you went to a lot of trouble — but
it’s so easy.


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