Things I like…

Otherwise known as my 2013 Wish List and/or Favorite Things…  Here goes:

1. First I’ll start with 2 of my all time favorite beauty products.  I wish for a lifetime supply of….

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculptin Cream – This stuff is truly fanastic.  And Anti-aging! It sculpts.  It lifts.  Restores elasticity.  What else could I need?  I would like a FULL BODY version of this product please. 

AND… Maybelline Studio XXL Pro Mascara.  Hello amazing eye lashes!  Contact lens safe. Ophthalmologish tested. Made in USA.  SOLD!  Seriously, this stuff rocks.  I’ve spent 35 years looking for the perfect Mascara.  Yes even as a toddler I knew the importance of great eye lashes.  This year I finally found it.  A lifetime supply please.

 2. My vehicle of choice for 2013 is the Honda Odyssey.  OMG I miss my mommy van!  I had a really economical, safe, comfortable minivan for 11 years!  That’s right… 11 years!  I put about 250,000 miles on my first Honda minivan.  It’s health sadly declined last year and I had to put it to rest.  I replaced it with a much hipper, not as much of an in your face soccer mom, white Kia Sorento.  It’s cute, it’s affordable.  It’s also small, and doesn’t feel like it will have a similiar 11 year longevity as my Odyssey did.  So on my wish list for this year would be a WHITE Honda Odyssey.  I drove a red one for years and now have decided I look much more fabulous in white.  Since I have already invested in the Kia I will likely just stick with it but that doesn’t keep the mini off the wish list.

3.  NOOK books!  This year for Christmas I bought myself a NOOK.  Yeah Me for finally getting an eReader.  (I have an iPad but it’s not very good for outdoor reading).  So as soon as Groupon had a deal I jumped on it.  Now all I need is a library of books to enjoy.  Everything else I bought was using the Amazon app on my iPad which doesn’t transfer well.  I will finish up the last of my iPad library and begin using the Nook exclusively I’m sure.  I need suggestions on some good reads!

4.  Pajama Jeans!  They LOOK like jeans but they FEEL like pajamas!!  Why WOULDN’T they be on my wish list???  And also why is it 2013 and I STILL don’t have a pair of “Jama Jeans” (as JP would put it). 

5.  Crock Pot cooking – Because HELLO it’s sooooo easy!  And people call me a “great” cook when I use it.  People NEVER called me a great cook until I discovered the joy of cooking with my crock pot.  Now don’t be fooled… no one in MY house will eat it (Darn picky eater hubs!) BUT all my friends at work love it when I bring something in.  It’s such a treat to me to have someone else to share it with.  I’ll post some of my recipes soon. 

6.  The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE!  Because I just don’t have enough drama in my life that I feel the void with other people’s made up drama.  Their fabulous “First World Problems” make for hours of entertainment.  Beverly Hills is my favorite with the OC running a close second. 

7.  Yard Sales!  Online, down the road, in a garage, either way I’m SOLD.  I get a thrill out of finding diamond deals in the rough.  Sometimes people just don’t have the vision to remake an old piece so they sit it outside for sale to get it out of their way.  I love buying cheap and refinishing.  That’s actually what most of my blog is about.  Mainly because I like to share and also because I’m boring.  I have nothing else fabulous to blog about and I’m not really that witty or charming in text.  Sigh

8.  Electronic hoarding!  Don’t you just love all the new websites that electronically organize things you like?  I.e. Pinterest, Houzz, etc…  You collect all these wonderful bits of electronic goodies to review, save, obsess over, create, dream about.  Remember that amazing holiday decorating sight that you found last year while you were randomly searching the Internet?  No?  Well it’s a good thing you PINNED it to your Pinterest board! 

9.  The GYM!  Ha Ha HA Just kidding! 

10. Red Hair – Don’t you know Red is the new Blonde.  Oh how I envy those natural red heads… with naturally curly hair. 

 I’ll probably update this with more of my favorite things as I think about them… but it’s late so that’s all for now.




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