Valentine’s Day!!!

Now that Christmas is over it’s time to move on to the next Holiday which just happens to be another fav of mine… Valentine’s Day!  Who doesn’t love a day devoted to LOVE!  I’ve always wanted to decorate for V-Day but never found the time.  Until… this year!  I decided to move my Bama Tree to the foyer and reutilize it as a V-Day tree. 

Bama tree…


Transitioned to now be my Valentine’s Day Tree!



And since I had a tree for the holiday I decided I might as well decorate the rest of the space too!  I started with a trip to Hobby Lobby and scored this adorable clock and picture frame 50% off!

I found this cute little red vase and flowers at the Dollar store.  $2!

I bought some hot pink pillows at Walmart for $7.88 and got lucky when my little one remembered we had a red heart Valentine’s Day pillow upstairs.  It pulled the 2 colors together perfectly.


And the final view!


 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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