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Sunday’s Sermon

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 | Permalink

If I was a minister… the sermon this Sunday would be titled “Let me know if you need anything!”.  How many times have you said this?  How many times has this been said to you?  Now.  How many times have you actually done it?  How many times have you actually let someone know you needed something?  Really.  Think about it.  The last time I was in hospital my inbox, facebook, phone was full of this exclamation or some variation.  Thank God for GREAT friends.  Thank God I have people in my life willing to offer me their help.  Their love.  Their attention.  And what did I do?  Well I said “Thanks.  I’ll be fine.  I appreciate you thinking of me.”  I was nice.  I was thankful.  But I wasn’t giving.  (What? Giving? How can asking someone for help be a gesture of “giving”?  Isn’t that “taking”?)  I have often thought “oh I can’t ask them to come all the way down here just to bring me a blanket because this hospital room is cold. I’m sure they are busy.  I’m sure they don’t have time. That would be selfish.  “  But would it?  How would it make you feel?  If someone you knew and loved said “Actually, I could use a warm bowl of soup”.  Would you feel put out?  Would you feel disappointed that they actually asked you to do something?  My guess would be No.  My guess would be that you would feel elated.  Proud. More than happy and more than willing to find the best darn bowl of soup in town.  You may even make it yourself.  (Don’t worry, I’d buy it somewhere. Wouldn’t want to make you sicker.  You’re already in the hospital for crying out loud).  And when you went to bed that night you would smile.  You would look back on the day and be proud that you were able to make a friend’s day just a little brighter.  You would be grateful to have a friend that called on you when they were in need.  What a wonderful gift!

 P.S. Dear Friends, I could really use a Big Mac.


Family Game Night…

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 | Permalink


Family Game Night…
Last night we took our youngest son out to Toys R Us to spend all the birthday money acquired from his great family and friends at his birthday party. 
One of the things he just HAD TO HAVE was this Cat in the Hat game….


At first I wanted to tell him No to buying it because I thought it would just be another boring game that got lost in the closet.  However, since it was a clearance item and he REALLY REALLY wanted it. I decided to give in.
I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is!
One player hides a household object of their choice inside the hat and the other players use questions, clues, and the hat’s fun interactive exploratory features to discover what it is.
Is it something we eat? What room does it belong in? Not sure? Try feeling the hat with your elbows, poking your finger through a hole, or looking at the object through the magic crystalline window.
Our family had a lot of fun playing this game last night.  My 4 year old and I even played it again this morning as I got ready for work.  

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