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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 | Permalink

This is PROOF that I am a Sweet Mommy. :)

 Rock Jock – Mommy is Sweet!

Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes

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Today our family went out to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and participated in an annual “Walk for the Cure”.  It was a 5K walk which doesn’t sound like much except I literally haven’t gotten off my butt and exercised in a very long time. 


It was a fun day for the family.  They had several activities for the kids… blow up slides, arts and crafts, and oh goodness hair paint!  I knew I wasn’t going to get out of letting the boys get their hair painted a crazy color so I decided to not even try and fight it. 

I hope it comes out before school tomorrow!!      
























  Noah decided to participate in the walk with me which made me very proud.  John Parker is too young still to be trusted to walk 3 miles without asking to be carried a half mile in so he stayed and continued playing with his dad.

I’ll admit I was a bit surprised when we got to the half mile mark.  I was SURE we had gone at least a mile and half already!  Boy, I could really tell how out of shape I am starting to get by not being more active this year.  By the time we got to the finish line I was in the groove though.  Noah was also very proud of himself for finishing.  He got ahead of me once and very sweetly too a break on the curb to wait for me.  :)


I was very proud to watch Noah cross the finish line.

Here’s a shot of the whole Dynectics Technical Services team… A great group of people to work with.

This was a lot of fun.  The next walk is the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer walk in October.  I think we are going to do that one too.  Man I hope I’m not too sore tomorrow.  I have a feeling I’m going to have painful legs tomorrow.  Oh well… it was worth it.  :)



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>BLAH about blogging…
BLAH about not blogging…

BLAH Tuesday!  :P

Here’s 5 Things I’m in Love With Right Now…

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 | Permalink


1. Casio’s Baby-G Watch – This watch is a must have and my newest obsession.  It is multifunctional and has the prettiest face. I found it in the mall and resisted the urge to snatch it up.  I’m so glad I did because I found it online for $35 less!  Perhaps I will just go ahead and order it one day.

2. Owls!  I have recently fallen in love with Owl accessories.  It started when I found these cute earrings in Francesca’s Collections at the beginning of the summer. I went back and got the matching necklace this weekend.

3.  Coral!  I love Coral… coral nail polish… coral accessories… coral shirts… coral shorts.. It’s my new favorite color.  Coupled with navy, turquoise, white, green!  It’s fabulous.
4.  My new hair cut!  I love it.  I took a chance on a new stylist and got lucky.  He was a Master stylist from Chicago that recently moved to AL to take care of his aging mother.  He said he used to work for Jenny Jones as the head make over stylist before her show got cancelled.  He also had his work featured on Oprah.  Now do you belive all that?  He was working out of the JC Penney salon in the Mall.  Some would question his resume but I could care less… I love my new cut and color and will definilty go back. 

5.  Aviators.  I’ll admit I’ve been in love with aviators since I got my first pair of Ray Bans in High School.  Sadly, I lost those sunglasses one day during cheerleading practice and have never replaced them… until now!  While at beach this summer my sister and I took in some retail therapy where I happened on a great little store selling every kind of aviator sunglasses on the market.  I went in with Ray Bans in mind since I am totally branded toward RB’s.  But came out with these perfect Oakleys!  I absolutely love them!


Friday, July 29th, 2011 | Permalink

>Well I was going to post a “Think about it Thursday” blog yesterday but, I never had time to come up with something to think about!  It was a very busy day at work and all I can say now is TGIF!  So that will be the topic of today’s post… THANK GOD IT’s FRIDAY!  I am definitly looking forward to the weekend even though it means I have to get my house clean.  As a working mom, I generally don’t have time during the week to keep my house as spotless as I’d like (or at all even to be honest).  So Saturday mornings are my cleaning time.  Maybe this weekend I’ll make time to refinish that old dresser sitting in the garage begging to be sanded and repainted.  Or maybe I’ll finally delve into all the crafting projects I have in mind to do.  Or maybe I’ll organize my closets and get rid of all the “skinny” clothes that I’ve been holding on to because I am certain I will lose weight one day and fit into them again.  Or maybe I’ll just take the boys swimming and lay out by the pool all day. 

Oh the possibilites… Definitly something to think about! 

Happy Friday!


Bloggin Again!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 | Permalink

>My first blog post!

Well I am venturing back into the world of blogging!  I hope you find my posts as interesting, funny, relevant, tasteful, and inspiring as I have found in so many posts from fellow bloggers.  My sister Sheena at Willow Blue has inspired me to share with her in the world of blogging.  This is my first post!  And there’s more to come!
Happy Tuesday Friends!

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